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Dr. Nina Nehring

Dr. Nina Nehring is a licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist and owner of Brain Builders Neurotherapy – Walnut Creek. She obtained her Doctoral Degree in Psychology from John. F. Kennedy University. She completed her APA-accredited internship at the Spokane/Walla Walla VA Medical Center with focus in Neuropsychology. At the Spokane VAMC, she worked with veterans suffering from a wide variety of medical and/or psychiatric conditions such as traumatic brain injuries, cerebral vascular events, tumors, movement disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, PTSD, and other complex medical conditions. Additional experience includes the State of California Department of Rehabilitation, where she gained extensive training and experience administering and scoring cognitive, intellectual, academic, and career assessments for a diverse population of individuals with physical, psychological, and cognitive disabilities and  the Neuropsychology Department at Highland Hospital in Oakland where the primary aspect of her work was the integration of quantitative and qualitative data to inform diagnoses, treatment, and prognosis of individuals from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds suffering from a myriad of conditions (i.e. TBI, epilepsy, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease). Dr. Nehring completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Optimal Minds Neuropsychology where she evaluated and treated adults and children with various types of nervous system disorders, learning disorders, and sensory processing disorders. Dr. Nehring joined Brain Builders Neurotherapy in 2017 and with that, embarked in an intensive and specialized training to develop her knowledge and expertise in neurofeedback. Since then, she has been working diligently in the implementation of this highly regarded intervention on adults and children and her extensive knowledge of brain anatomy and brain-behavior relationship aids her in tailoring neurofeedback treatment to the unique needs of her patients. 

Leslie Pabingwit


Leslie Pabingwit is the office manage at Brain Builders Neurotherapy in Walnut Creek. She is a doctoral student at John F. Kennedy University. She will graduate with her PsyD in 2025 and anticipates her future career path as a neuropsychologist administering neurological and psychological assessments, in addition to providing psychotherapy. Leslie conducted research on memory and attention during her undergraduate years at California State University, Monterey Bay and was a teacher's assistant for biological psychology at Hartnell Community College. She has prior experience in the medical field caring for patients with severe mental illnesses, traumatic brain injuries, and degenerative diseases, as well as in the forensic field utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy working with post-incarcerated clients.


Petey the Office Dog


Petey is our resident office dog. He loves greeting patients at the door asking for pets. He especially loves playing with kids so they feel less nervous. But he is always available for a cuddle and a pet for anyone who needs a little support. Our patients love Petey! 

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