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Neurofeedback Fees:




$160 per session 

$140 per session

$130 per session


Psychodiagnostic Interview

Report of Findings

qEEG (not covered by insurance)

Neurofeeback session 

10 prepaid sessions

20 prepaid sessions



There are situations where insurance will reimburse neurofeedback services (billed as CPT code 90876).  We strongly encourage you to contact your provider and specifically verify whether that is a covered code under your policy.  We may be a contracted provider, but that does NOT mean that all the services we provide will be covered.  We will also try to verify this code prior to beginning any neurotherapy service with you.  Sometimes, regardless of what your carrier says about neurotherapy coverage, we find they do not pay when we bill 90876.  You will be responsible for your bill if they do not cover the service, even if they mistakenly led you to believe they will cover.  If this is of great concern to you, we recommend that we provide one session of neurotherapy, bill one date of service, and wait to verify reimbursement before we begin a full course of treatment. 

Even when we know that neurotherapy will not be covered, there still may be some aspects of your treatment that can be appropriately billed and covered.  For example, your initial clinical interview will typically be a covered service and paid by your carrier.  Providing feedback about your results will usually also be a covered service.  Finally, if we are integrating talk therapy and neurotherapy services together in your care, we will be able to bill for the talk therapy component of services we provide to you, with your neurotherapy services being privately paid.  

One critical part of our assessment process is the collection and database comparison of your EEG (commonly called a qEEG).  IN OUR EXPERIENCE TO DATE THIS WILL NEVER BE A COVERED PROCEDURE.  Medicine recognizes the use of EEG within neurology practices for such things as detection of seizures or determining areas of the brain where tumors or strokes may have occurred.  Insurance will not reimburse for the use of EEG/qEEG data in treatment planning for neurofeedback or neuromodulation.  Therefore, the qEEG will always be privately paid. Our charge for this service is $495.  This covers the hour-long collection process, the payment of our fees to the database service, an hour of Dr. Nehring’s time reviewing results and the administrative costs associated with processing your data and placing your results on a flash drive for your medical record.  Additional report writing, if requested, will be separately charged.  Payment for qEEG will always be required before the EEG data collection is done. 

Dr. Nehring is in-network with the following insurance companies:

  • Magellan

  • Kaiser ( will need a referral from doctor at Kaiser)

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Medicare (does not cover neurofeedback)

  • Optum/UHC (does not cover neurofeedback

Neurofeeback Cost

Psychological Evaluation​ Fees:

Psychological Evaluation Cost

Clinical Interview

First hour of testing

Additional hour of testing

Scoring and analisys 

Report writing

Report of findings

Record/File review

$225 one time

$225 per hour

$200 per hour

$200 per hour

$200 per hour

$200 per hour

$200 per hour

Insurance Information:

Most insurance companies cover psychological testing. However, you will have to check that Dr. Nehring is in network and that if preauthorization is required. 

If preauthorization is needed, we will request it from your insurance company.


Dr. Nehring is in network with:

  • Magellan

  • Cigna

  • Optum/UHC

  • Aetna

  • Medicare

  • MHN

  • Kaiser

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